Tournament Rules & Regulations

Number of players

  • Group U10, U12 & U14: 7 a side (Including 6 players and 1 keeper), each game should have at least 4 players on field; otherwise it counts as 0-3 defeat.

Soccer field and shoes

  • Grass Pitches: Natural Turf Surfaces / Artificial Turf Surfaces
  • All players must wear shin guards and entirely covered with stocking socks. Only artificial-grass or plastic stud soccer boots are allowed.


  • U10: Soccer size number 4 / U12 & U14: Soccer size number 5


  • Each team must wearing identifying jerseys.  The first named team on the schedule shall be the Home Team.  In the event of clash of colors, the Away Team shall have to change into a different color.  Nobody is allowed to play bare-bodied. Team’s coaches/managers are advised to bring along additional set of jerseys.
  • All jersey should be printed with different numbers for identifying player.

Players registration

  • In order to encourage participation of female players in the tournament, the Organizers have decided the age of female players allow maximum of 1 years older than the age limit of each age group.
  • If teams required registering extra players, they should apply 48 hours before the game via email or fax to organizer with the player’s registration form.

Duration of Matches

  • 25 minutes for first half & second half, 50 minutes in total.

Fouls (Red & Yellow Card)

  • Player will be forced to suspend in the following two games if they received TWO red cards in the same match.
  • Player will be forced to suspend in the following game if they received TWO warnings (Two Yellow cards) in the same match.
  • Player will be forced to suspend in the following game if they received THREE warnings (Three Yellow cards) in this tournament.


  • There is no offside ru


  • Unlimited substitution

Match Judgment

  • Teams will enter into penalty kicks section if the game ended in a draw during the elimination match. If the penalty kicks results are still in a tie after 5 or 7 kicks, it will toss up for wins.
  • Teams should bring and fill in their team player registration book before the game, and hand in to the referee 15 minutes before the game. If team failed to submit their team player registration book, it will automatically call as game abstention.
  • During the game, the referees have the absolute power to make any judgments, in order to ensure all the players and staff will follow by “Law of the game”
  • There can only be two teams’ players and referees could stay in the court during the game. Other players, coaches, staff and parents are not allowed to step into the soccer field. Otherwise organizer reserves the right to permanently cancel their eligibility.
  • If any teams involved in any violent incidents or having any violent behavior such as assault occasioning actual bodily harm, organizer will disqualified their eligibility.


Besides the rules and regulations above, the tournament shall be played in accordance with the laws of the game as laid down by the FIFA latest Rules & Regulations.


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