Task of Sparta Rotterdam in Asia

Nurture Talent Youth League

“Nurture Talent Football Program” is designed by Sparta Rotterdam Asia, coordinated and supported by official organizations to create a hybrid football education platform for coach training and Youth Football League.  The platform will train coaches, players and referees,aiming to bring the football skill to a new era, to foster football skill in Asian cities and to standardize the training system as well.

Coaching education program – Coaching by Dutch Way.

Different Level of Coaching education certificate:

  • Diploma Certificate: Fundamental of coaching by Dutch way
  • Four Level Advance Course: Training Dutch way for youth players
  • High Diploma: Training Dutch way for elite players.

Technical Support the Club/Academy/ Football Association to organize and Management youth Training Development.

  • We will provide technical and management support to soccer school, Club, Football Association and school in Asia by our professional training and management system. Details as below:
  • year Coaching program and planing (normal and elite).
  • Coach update every year.
  • Use the name of Technical support by Sparta Rotterdam FC.
  • All material of management and operation.

Sending our players to training in the Netherlands with Sparta Youth Team.

What will they do in Sparta?

  • The team : will coaching by Sparta youth team coach and play match with Sparta Youth Team
  • The players:  will train with Sparta Youth team together

Who can go?

  • The team under our Technical Support and Management.
  • The players scouted by Sparta Coaches in the soccer camp.
  • The players who are recommended by our football academy in Asia