Mission and Goal


Mission of Sparta Rotterdam Training

– Improve the standard of soccer training for all our coaches in Asia, by then the skills and techniques of the youth players in Asia can be enhanced

– Focus on attack and defense tactics training</sub></li>

– Learn personal fundamental skills and techniques with small groups playing and match playing tactics


Goal of Sparta Rotterdam Training

– Train self-confident players with creativity and good skills and techniques

– Make competition become more interesting with the promotion of “Fair Play” concept

– Emphasize on victory but to train players with a good character and integrity as the first priority</sub></li>


What you receive from Sparta Rotterdam Training

– Improve skills and techniques in all aspects and speeds

– Build up confidence through competitive training

– Provide diversified training modes for coaches

– Promote sportsmanship, personal morality and ethics

– Design for different levels of players

– Enhance comprehension power of players in a match

– Make soccer more splendid and attractive