Enrolment Requirement

One Belt One Road – FoshanSparta International Youth Cup

Enrollment Information

Match Date
14-18 December, 2017
Match Location
Guangzhou Foshan
Basic Game information
  • Match area: U10 – U12- U14 Group, each Group 16 team
  • Group Match: Total 16 teams, 4 Teams in a group, 3 points for a win, one point for a draw, non for losing, getting highest score becomes the champion.
  • Final Match: 1st  & 2nd place in group stage will be enter to Cup Match, 3rd & 4th to Plate Match
  • No. of Player for the Match:  7 a side for U10, U12 & U14 (Up to 14 players register for each team)
  • Match Time: Half time 25 minutes
All soccer matches will basically follow the laws of the game that issued by the FIFA.
Tournament Prizes
Cup Prize: Cup/ Plate Champion, first runner up and the second runner up
Most Value Player: One player per team (Selected by the team coaches)

Top Scorer: Golden Boot per group (U10, U12 & U14)

Certificates: All players who complete the competition will gain certificate which jointly issued by Rotterdam Sparta Football Association and the Guangdong Football Association.

Enrollment Fee
Apply method
Please email the enrollment form to : info@spartarotterdam.asia
Organizer does not offer any insurance for participants including coaches and players. Participants should take their own risk of any injuries or property loss; therefore organizer strongly recommended teams should arrange insurances for themselves.


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