Tournament Introduction

One Belt One Road – Foshan – Sparta International Youth Cup



What is Sparta International Youth Cup?

International soccer competition for youth in Asia

-Jointly organized by Sparta Rotterdam Asia and the Local Football Associations.

-Bring in the European training methodology and match system into Asia.

-The Youth Competition provides opportunities for schools and football academies to play matches and also to provide training and technical supports to coaches.

-By playing Youth Cup to educate right thinking and philosophy about football.

-To promote the European “Fun and Learn Football” concept to players and opening the creative mind set of youth players.

-Tournament will organize Mid Dec every year in Foshan Guangdong or other City in China. This year will be held in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia Malaysia and Europe teams.


The objective of Tournament, by playing the tournament

-Nurture of Coaches

-Nurtured of Players

-Nurtured of Referees

-Nurtured of Management Staff

-Sparta Rotterdam is the oldest professional club in the Netherlands. Sparta Rotterdam is the China “One Belt One Road” concept destination, bringing the Dutch Football Philosophy, Technical Skill and Cultures from Rotterdam in Europe to Asia.

-Emerge the Sparta Rotterdam Dutch Training and Match experience into football in Asia.

-Provide Dutch Match System, Culture and Coach Training methodology to the Asian Community.

-Select Elite Players in Asia from the Tournament.

-Educate coaches and youths the deeper meaning of Football.


Characteristics of the Youth Cup

-The tournament is managed and operated in the Dutch way.

-The tournament is family centric event.

-The tournament is Culture exchange event

-The program combining coach training to match playing, coaches apart from competing at matches could also learn from each other during the training time.

Other Fun games and sales exhibitions counter at the match dates turn the intensive competition into harmonious carnival.


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